A Foreign Affair

One of the things we love about panties is the wide variety.  Recently there have been more and more web sites popping up in foreign countries offering to sell their wares worldwide.  And some of the panties are super cute, even if we're not sure if the sites can deliver.  

Have you found some great online sources for panties?  Let us know what sites worked and what sites didn't deliver. We'll publish your comments here so our readers can benefit and find out which sites are delivering and which sites to avoid.  We haven't bought from them, but the panties above are from a site we found called 9channel.com (shop at your own risk).

Cosabella, again, only hotter!

The Cosabella Peacock Hotpant is stunning and memorable.   It has an elegant all-over peacock feather embroidery on breathable stretch mesh, and for functionality a comfortable cotton lining. Cosabella's Peacock Hotpant has a mid rise and moderate rear coverage, and can be paired with a matching Cosabella Peacock Underwire Bra.

The Cosabella Peacock series (see below) from Cosabella, combines high style and great comfort.  We simply love it, and we think you will too.

The Cosabella Peacock series (links to Amazon).

The Cosabella Peacock series (links to Amazon).

Cosabella Soire (sheer) Hotpant

Cosabella means "beautiful thing" in Italian.  The founding couple husband and wife team of Ugo and Valeria Campello did a beautiful thing by creating Cosabella, the company now run by their children.  We wanted to share one our favorite sheer panties: The Cosabella Soire Hotpant.  It's sheer style and stretch support creates a sexiness and comfort combination like nothing else.

The Cosabella Soire (sheer) Hotpant (links to Amazon)

The Cosabella Soire (sheer) Hotpant (links to Amazon)

The world's most comfortable thong?

We're impressed. Hanky Panky claims their low-rise lace thong is the world's most comfortable. Unless you're being looked at by whoever's wearing it, in which case we guarantee just a little discomfort (the good kind).   The low-rise lace thong comes in a a wide variety of colors, and based on the feedback we've received from readers, it may very well be the world's most comfortable (and good looking!) thong.

The not-so-basic brief

We think we know where "getting your panties in a bunch" came from.  When we first started discovering how many categories and subcategories of panties exist, we were overwhelmed.   Panties are categorized based on several criteria- from how much rear coverage there is of your bum, to the width at the sides, how low-cut or high-cut the waist band falls.  

Panty families

The basic families of panties include:

  • Bikinis (the most commonly worn by women world-wide)
  • Briefs (we'll talk more about these in just a minute)
  • G-strings (with practically no coverage of your bum)
  • Hipsters (a cuter, sexier version of the classic brief, sitting low on the waist)
  • Tangas (full rear coverage but a thin waistband at the sides)
  • Thongs (less coverage in the back, increasing up from your bum to the waistband)

There are even more spin-off panty categories, including Bloomers, Cami-knickers, French Knickers and Pantalettes, but we'll get to these in coming blog posts.

Not so brief after all

Briefs are the venerable old-timers of the bunch, and sometimes give panties a bad name. Ugly, bulky briefs get nicknames like "granny panties" for a reason- my grandma wore them, and yours probably did too.  But briefs come in more than one type and size! Unlike guy's briefs which really haven't changed all that much over the years, women's briefs have evolved in several directions, which we think is a Very Good Thing.

Major styles of briefs

Briefs come in four major styles:

  • Classic (sides extend below the hip)
  • High-cut (also called French Cut - with sides that are narrower)
  • Boy shorts (sometimes called "boyleg")
  • Control panties (usually with spandex, designed to keep your body tucked in so you look slimmer under clothes)

Panties, like other fun things in life, can be made in virtually any material, ranging from cotton and lace, to even rawhide and leather (yee-haw!) or vinyl.  

We tend to like panties that are comfortable and sexy.  Sheer lace and cotton can be coordinated by a talented designer in so many ways that discovering the right panty for you can lead to buying up dozens so there's always one ready to go when you reach into your lingerie drawer in the morning.   We've found several panties we like and posted them to the SilkySoft Lingerie Style Guide.  Have a great panty discovery you want to share?  Email us and let us know, or post a comment here.  

The Culotte Panty

The Culotte is a European style boy short that is deceptively simple, yet bold. Culotte panties are made in a variety of fabrics, from stretch lace to cotton and silk. Typically more sophisticated than most boy shorts, a cullote panty is flirty and unique yet extremely wearable.

The sheer lace boyshort-style panty is super flattering with cheeky back coverage and features soft, comfortable fabric that makes these panties the ones you’ll reach for day after day.

We've discovered some beautiful culotte panties for your lingerie drawer.  You can find them in the Lingerie Style Guide.

Hipster panties: Low-rise sexy and oh-so-comfy

The Hanky Panky Sheer Enchantment Cheeky Hipster Panty (and matching bra).

The Hanky Panky Sheer Enchantment Cheeky Hipster Panty (and matching bra).

Hipsters are are a hybrid of a bikini and a brief, and are worn lower down the body, with the waistband around the hips.

Hipsters are almost entirely invisible under mid-rise pants.  Hipsters are considered a more modern version of the classic brief, and are much more comfortable and often less bulky than boy shorts.

We've found a great hipster, right in time for Valentine's Day: The Hanky Panky Sheer Enchantment Cheeky Hipster Panty (pictured on right).

We've organized a collection of our favorite hipster panties on the SilkySoft Lingerie Style Guide.

The amazing G-string

This g-string by Luxury Lane is the perfect Valentine's Day (or night) Gift.

This g-string by Luxury Lane is the perfect Valentine's Day (or night) Gift.

We discovered this G-string and matching bra and had to feature it here on the Panty Parade blog.  The triple strap and sheer lace makes this set both elegant and sexy.

G-strings are similar to thongs, but a g-string can literally wrap from underneath and all the way up back with nothing more than a string, sometimes fabric, and sometimes even other materials, like pearls.  We found a number of g-strings we like and arranged them on the Lingerie Style Guide.   

The ultimate Tanga panty

DKNY's Lovely Lacey Tanga Panty is our favorite panty so far.

DKNY's Lovely Lacey Tanga Panty is our favorite panty so far.

A tanga is a european-style panty that has more coverage than a thong in the back, and is narrower than a bikini.  If you have a great butt to show off, a tanga may very well be your weapon of choice.

We think we've found the ultimate tanga panty from DKNY.  The DKNY Lovely Lacey Tanga Panty is perfect for any occasion.  It's sexy and comfortable and comes in eight colors.  We personally love the pewter and black colors.

We've picked a few lingerie selections we like and posted them on the Lingerie Style Guide Tanga page.   Check them out and have fun shopping!

DKNY's Lovely Lacey Tanga Panty

DKNY's Lovely Lacey Tanga Panty

Electric Cheeky Boyshorts by Hanky Panky

The Signature Cheeky Boyshort by Hanky Panky.  Check it out in Electric Orchid color (links to Amazon).

The Signature Cheeky Boyshort by Hanky Panky.  Check it out in Electric Orchid color (links to Amazon).

You've got to love boyshorts. Girls love boyshorts. Boys love boyshorts (on girls).  They're irresistable, and they make almost any body type look good.  Flat butt and curvy butt, skinny and full-figured.

So we simply fell in love with Hanky Panky's Signature Cheeky Boyshorts, especially in Electric Orchid color, which looks good on you regardless of whether you're Irish-pale or Bora-bora tanned.

Jersey Boy Brief by American Apparel

The Jersey Boy Brief by American Apparel (links to Amazon)

The Jersey Boy Brief by American Apparel (links to Amazon)

Why not kick off our blog with a post about the most common type of panties, but make it a little more fun at the same time?  Briefs have been around since 1935, and were first called the "Jockey" because they were tight and white and pretty much did the same job as a jockstrap.  In Britain they refer to them as "Y-Fronts" because of the design of the material that was intended primarily for men to be able to, well, whip it out without having to take off their briefs. In Australia they just call them "Jocks".

We looked for a cute and sexy brief, and we found it.  American Apparel makes the Jersey Boy Brief, a sexy, feminine version of the classic men's brief. It has an authentic fly in the front and a soft elastic waistband.

Your underwear drawer (is about to get a lot more fun)

When you look through your panty drawer, how do you feel?  If looking through your underwear drawer isn't fun, or if you can't find the perfect pair of panties, don't worry!  We're starting the ultimate blog all about panties: Panty Parade!

We've taken the time to find and present to you an assortment of panties that fit any mood you're in.  Cute, fun, comfortable, sexy, flirtatious, sporty, revealing; no matter what you're looking for, we've found it here.  There are panties for any body shape and every mood. 

As we post more panty styles and panties, we'd love your comments. Did you buy it? Like it?  Hate it? What worked, what didn't work? If you want to show off for our readers, you can do that too. We're always discovering and featuring new models on SilkySoft. Just signup at our model signup page.